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Cloud DevOps

Modernization of Applications

Our Cloud DevOps team helps renovate your tools and platforms across the IT Delivery Lifecycle enabling product security, quality & stability early in the process. Lastly our DevOps experts will enable you to convert to a ‘DevOps Way of Working’ facilitating this with your people and processes.

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Azure DevOps


Azure Blueprints


Dev Test Labs

ARM Templates

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Data Analytics, AI and ML

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence team can migrate your existing data sources to Azure and create all new data platform that will help Speed up Innovation, Lessen Costs, and provide Real-Time Analytics. All while laying the foundation for more advanced ML & AI use cases.

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Azure Synapse Analytics


Azure SQL

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Azure Data Factory

Cosmos DB

Azure Databricks

Azure ML

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Modernization of Applications

Our Application Modernization team helps clients transform their existing applications to take advantage of the security, scalability, and cost efficiencies Azure cloud has to offer. Unlike traditional development works, we perform digital transformation of applications and services to ensure your competitive advantage is long lived.



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Azure Serverless




Messaging Services

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Azure App Service



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Cloud Assessment and Migration

Our team performs cloud migrations as per the best practices defined by the industry, leveraging appropriate strategies and tools to make it a well planned and smooth transition to cloud platform. This enables clients to get optimal benefit of cloud spend, at the same time minimizing disruptions to existing operations.

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Azure Migrate

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Azure Stack

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Cloud Adoption Framework

Cloud Assessment Tool

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Azure Arc

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Readiness Tool

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Infrastructure & Operations

We employ meticulous architectures combined with sound governance to ensure that the cloud applications will evolve and scale to meet the needs of tomorrow. We emphasize scalable architectures by employing Infrastructure as Code coupled with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines.


Azure Stack

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Azure Defense-in-Depth

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Azure Log Analytics

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Azure Automation

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Azure Application Insights

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Azure Security Center

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Azure Batch

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3rd Party Integrations

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Managed Services

Our Managed Services team supports clients adapt to handling Azure infrastructure as code – enabling them to version control, manage releases, roll back, roll forward, systematically test, and deploy with speed.​  Automation reduces the human time spent in routine tasks and increases the quality of the work performed.

24 x 7 Technical Support

Automated Best Practice Analysis

Security Scan of Applications deployed in Azure 

ITIL-based Service Management

Patching, Anti-virus, and Backup Management

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